Do I really need a website?

This is one question I get asked a lot, and the answer is still going to be yes.

With the rise in social media profiles, having a Facebook page for your business is often considered enough of a presence, however with domain names being cheap to purchase, and with the rise in the free website, having a website is a must.

If you opt to have a free website from companies such as, you will have to put up with advertising and a domain name that is semi-personal.

Purchasing a domain name and hosting it with either a web designer like me, or doing it yourself through a company like Go Daddy is a better route to go down, as you can (in a lot of cases), register a domain name that is either your company name, or if that has been taken, a variation on the theme.

But why have a website?

Open 24/7

So your Facebook page is around 24/7 but people either have to know what you have called your Facebook page address (the bit after or they have to search and hope they find you.

My business is called Anna E Freelance – and typing into a search engine will take you to my page – clever 😉

Information in one place

So, an element of a website is duplication.  You will either link to or duplicate content to your Facebook page, but that is ok.  A website has more information and the boring legal bit, such as terms and conditions, returns policies, etc.  A good website will have an email collection point for customers to sign up to new and offers.

Show off!

A website has a little more versatility than a Facebook page.  Loading things into Facebook is like using a list, and as the list grows the older stuff disappears down out of site  With a website you can organise your displays, you can have numerous pages that are static and do not change, organised to showcase your talents perfectly.

Time saving

Because the information is static on your website, customers can find answers to questions without having to work very hard.  So, if they want to know when you are open, clicking the opening hours page will tell them.  Facebook might require a load of scrolling, at which point they decide it is easier to call you – interrupting your time with simple queries a well designed website can handle for you.

So if you think your business might benefit from having a website, why not get in touch and ask me more!


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