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Will a Tutor Impede My Child’s Progress in the Classroom?

Written by guest blogger Anna Everett (www.annaeverettauthor.com) for Step Up Tuition http://jillcrimp.wixsite.com/stepup/blog

This is a question and concern we often hear from parents.  Surely having a tutor is counterproductive and will confuse a child. The school and tutor will be pulling in different directions and it will actually be negative for the child.

Well thankfully this is not the case!  A good tutor will ensure that they are enhancing your child’s classroom performance rather than impeding it.  Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

1)  Develop Learning Tools

In a busy classroom in can be easy for a child to feel lost, they survive simply by allowing themselves to be carried along with the tide as it were.  The teachers will be imparting tools for learning but some children need more time to discover what type of learner they are, and indeed which learning tools work for them.  It can be too chaotic for a child to learn how to structure a written assignment, or revise for an exam on an independent basis.  Tutors understand how to teach these skills and as well as helping a child academically they also empower them with tools and tips that will enable them to develop as a confident independent learner

2) Build Confidence

Again, whilst many children thrive in a classroom environment, some find it hard to keep up.  It can be difficult to stand out and say ‘I do not understand’, especially if everyone else seems to be finding it easy.  Sometimes children are progressing really well but have doubts over what they are doing, and again it can take courage to speak up and ask.  The more personal one to one setting means there are no other students to compete with.  The tutor will be vigilant for signals that a child is floundering and will always offer that helping hand.  One comment we often here from parents once their child has been tutored for a while is how much their confidence has blossomed.  As well as teaching your child the basic learning skills and correct academic information, a good tutor will also ensure that on a personal level your child has confidence and self belief in their learning journey.

3) Stretch the Knowledge

Sometimes pockets of knowledge can be missed in a classroom setting.   As a tutor, the role calls for them to get to know the child and compare what they know now with the appropriate learning goals that have been set.  A problem in a year 8 maths class could be as simple as a missing pocket of learning from year 7.  A tutor is able to take the time to go back over old ground and check that everything was understood with confidence, and if not, spend the time bring that missing knowledge up to speed.

None of these issues clash in any way with your child in school, in fact they will enhance and improve the classroom experience as you will have armed your child with independent study skills, passed on learning tools and built confidence whilst helping them to ‘catch up’ with anything they have felt left behind on.  To find out more about having your child tutored in the Tiverton area, or via Skype do message the site.


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