What I Learned From Neil Patel 

Neil Patel has become a well known figure in content marketing, social media and entrepreneurial circles.  His words of wisdom come in many forms, from videos to blogs, and emails to downloads, but what is unique about his teachings.  I have to say I really look forward to seeing a post pop up or an email arrive, and you can bet your life if I stumble across a really valuable article, Neil Patel is involved.

Add Value

As someone in the world of content marketing and social media, these two words are echoing round my brain 24/7.  Everything I do must add value to my audience (or indeed the audience of my clients).  It seems that everyone has jumped on the ‘Add Value’ train, but not everything you read will help.  This is why I seek out an article, podcast or video from Neil when I want to sharpen the tools in my armoury.  Everything is structure neatly and offers practical advice, but is delivered in a way that captivates and holds attention, because you really learn something.  It is clear from his own personal journey that Neil has probably been where you are today, so he understands. He always adds value, so you are confidently learning from the best.

Invaluable Tools

There is no need to reinvent the wheel.  Rather than jealously guarding his position, Neil is extending a hand down to pull you up with him.  An altruistic approach, if he knows of a tool that will do the job better, he doesn’t take it and hide it at the back of a poorly lit room, quite the opposite.  Tools are regularly offered throughout his media presence.  You can find them on social media channels, you are offered them in emails, and they have their own page on his website.  These are tools that are proven, by Neil and others.  He is not suggesting you reinvent that wheel and find your own way, making numerous mistakes.  Instead, he is saying “Hey I have already made those mistakes and learned those lessons, here is what I finally found to work”.  This is time saving stuff that can really help anyone improve their own business.

Instills Belief

If you ever have a day when you feel like nothing you are doing is working, I advise you to head over to neilpatel.com and start reading.  Anywhere, anything, it really doesn’t matter.  Not only are the articles and information you will find there genuinely helpful, writing with a voice of knowledge and expertise, but they are encouraging.  Not everything you try will work first time and Neil will be the first to testify to this.  He will tell you honestly of times when things did not go according to plan, and times he discovered all that glitters was not gold.  There is something about his tone and demeanour that makes you feel a sense of self confidence and belief in what you are trying to do.  If you put the work in, then things will come good.

Overall, there is no doubt in my mind that my industry skills have improved with Neil’s input. He is one of the most respected leading authorities for a reason, and the reason is because he delivers.


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