Do you ever feel that you are tweeting into a black hole?  You get no likes, no follows, no interaction?  You are not alone!  Twitter is a fast paced, micro blogging, social media tool, so to get noticed you need to know how to play the Twitter game.  Here are 5 tips to get you started and help you the visibility you are looking for.

1. Target Influencers

Influencers are other people in your field who have build their reputation as industry experts.  People listen to them and respect their opinions.  If you can get liked, mentioned, followed or retweeted by an influencer you have been given a helpful boost.  So, firstly find and follow their Twitter profiles.  This will mean their tweets will then be shown in your timeline.  If you like what you see, be sure to like or share their content too.  If you decide to retweet one of their articles or link to something they are doing, be sure to mention them, by using @ and their twitter handle.

2. Use Links With Care

Whilst it is tempting to always link back to your pages, sometimes this is counter productive. Studies have shown that tweets without links often get more interaction.  Obviously if you are sharing a link to someone else’s work, or even your own, it is unavoidable.  But, consider sharing pictures or text that does not always have a link from time to time.  People are lazy, and Twitter is fast moving.  It is quicker to share a tweet that is just on the main Twitter screen, than it is to wait for a page to load, scan the contents and decide if it is share worthy.

3. Images Are Great

Images standout in the Twitter newsfeed, so it is no surprise that tweets with pictures get more interaction.  Stock images are rapidly loosing favour, so consider supporting your tweets with genuine pictures of products.  If you have no suitable image you can always make them with software like Canva, which is free.  If you really feel the need you can always pick up a commercial use royalty free image from sites like pixabay, but try and use your own images from time to time.

4. Hash Tags Need Research

Hashtags are kind of a feature of Twitter, but there is often a lot of misunderstanding.  You can hashtag any words, but that does not always mean your tweets will get noticed.  I constantly see companies creating a hashtag out of the company name. This might work if you are #Facebook, but is unlikely to help if you are #ZoesShoes.  Hashtags dictate trending subjects on Twitter, and indicate what people are searching for or following.  #HighHeels might actually be a better tag for Zoe, that trying to tag a store that no one has heard of, so will not be looking for.  Of course there are viral campaigns that whip up a storm using a new hashtag that no one else is using, but for the majority of us we need to be targeting the hashtags that trend in our area.  Check out hashtagify.me, here you can enter one potential hashtag, and the system will return you others that might be suitable, including their hit rate and popularity statistics.  Limit the use of hashtags to no more than two per tweet, and do not hashtag whole sentences. #ThisIsSuchACoolProductYouShouldBuyIt is a massive no-no

5. Timing is Key

Do some research online about the best times to tweet.  This means taking account of your target audience and their timezones.  At various points of the day, Twitter usage surges.  Evenings, after school, any time when lots of people are changing activities, say coming home from work, or picking up from school etc.  If you are not online when your target audience is, then you need to be using scheduling tools to send your tweets for you.  The average lifespan of a tweet is just 17 minutes before it disappears into the ether.  If you have been added to lists, tweets will be seen for longer, but consider trying to get your tweets out live at the most optimal time.

Anna Everett is a responsive social media marketing expert, author and self confessed Geek Girl.


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