5 Reasons You Need a Responsive Social Media Marketer

Social media marketing is a valuable tool to any business, but at the same time it can be a huge pain in the keister. When it is done correctly social media marketing will drive traffic to you, when it is done badly you will be seen as a bore and clients will stop following you.  Generating content that people will want to read is a skill, and requires keeping up to date with all the latest trends and opinions.  Social media marketing rules are fickle and change on a whim.  If you are running a busy business you are unlikely to have the time to devote to this task.  Responsive Social Media is the latest trend, but what does it mean.  Conventionally social media marketing has become all about maintaining a key presence, so, your marketer will load a program such as HootSuite with a weeks worth of posts and walk away.  Now, this creates a presence and we know it does drive traffic, but if something suddenly happens in your industry you could be a week behind by the time they are posting it on your behalf.

Responsive Social Media (RSM) marketers have a closer relationship with their clients, so here are 5 key reasons why they offer a better service.

  1. Content is Prepared Daily.  This means if something happens overnight you will be one of the first in your industry to shout about it.  Timing is still considered and tweets and posts are still released at optimum times, but the content is more tightly tailored to keep you on trend. You are aiming to promote yourself as an expert in your field.  Commenting and sharing things that have just happened make you seem right on the pulse and people are more likely to trust you.
  1. Traffic is a Two Way Street.  Most social media marketers remit ends once the content is posted.That means if someone comments or questions it is up to you to respond.  RSM marketers have that covered.  They will field interaction and ensure you are informed of potential leads. This also means they are on the ball if you happen to encounter a troll.  Internet trolls delight in causing problems and looking for arguments with others.  Responsive marketers will see this content and get it removed before any trouble kicks off.  They are also always on social media, so your response rates look great if someone messages you, they can open and make a standard, but personal reply at 9pm on a Tuesday night.
  1. It Doesn’t Have to Cost More.  Having a good RSM working for you does not need to cost you more.  Social Media Marketing is all about research and sourcing content – it doesn’t actually take any longer to find a key topic per day, than it does to find 7 quality topics a week.  RSM marketers still follow current guidance and ensure that a variety of posts, from share-worthy content, to blog posts, to current news and promotion are all worked into the plan, but they are more flexible.
  1. They Understand Your Business.  RSM marketers get to know your business, and often can make suggestions that will pay dividends in all areas of what you do.  They are your eyes and ears on the social media world.  They are perfect for suggesting blog posts, and in a lot of cases writing the blog can be added to their package.
  1. They Love What They Do! Simply RSM’s are social media junkies, you can normally spot them as they are permanently attached to their phone and tablet and probably laptop all at the same time.  Some people see this as a step backwards for the marketer, however they would argue that it is a sign of excellent client service and a return to old fashioned values in a technological playing field. People who love what they do will offer a better service than someone who values quantity over quality. That is why they are around at 9pm or on a Sunday.  Working with people who share your ethos and commitment will yield better results.

If you would like more information about why I love being part of the new generation of Responsive Social Media marketers, and how I can help you become an expert in your field please do get in touch.


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